About page image of Adrian PlantPenn Mag Inc. headquartered in Adrian, Pennsylvania, is a recognized leading supplierĀ of high quality Magnetite and Iron Chromite. Our production and distribution facilities are strategically located in Pennsylvania and have been supplying Magnetite and Iron Chromite to industries since 1982. Penn Mag has resources which positions our company to service not only North America but also many international destinations. Penn Mag strives to provide our customers with supply source alternatives because we understand that interruptions may result in loss of production. We have developed contacts to market products around the world, and have a track record of delivering high quality Magnetite and Iron Chromite to our customers at a competitive market price.

For the past 30 years, Penn Mag has developed unique product lines through research and development (R&D). We serve a wide variety of markets that include foundry industry, additives, friction products, coal preparation, fertilizers, and industrial water filtration. Further, Penn Mag markets additives for the construction and glass container industry. No matter the type of industry, our focus is to provide our customers with an unmatched value added supply of Magnetite and Iron Chromite.